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The Seal-Lok fitting is the Tube Fittings Division’s most recently developed fitting. It was introduced in an effort to eliminate leakage in hydraulic systems and allow higher operating pressures. The Seal-Lok fitting is an O-ring face seal type fitting that consists of a nut, a fitting body, an O-ring and a sleeve.

A flat face sleeve is flanged or brazed to the tube and when the fitting is assembled, it compresses an O-ring in a precision machined groove in the fitting body to form a leak tight seal. Seal-Lok fittings are suitable for any range of tube wall thick-ness and are also readily adaptable to pipe, metric tubing and hose. The Seal-Lok connection can be made with either metric or inch tubing by choosing the appropriate sleeve.

There are over thirty different body shapes and straights to choose from for specific applications. The body face has a groove which contains a high durometer O-ring that is held captive during installation. In addition, the Seal-Lok fitting body shapes are forged for added strength and longer service life. Straight products are made from cold drawn barstock. The cold drawing process ensures consistent dimensional tolerances, improved strength and better surface finish. Seal-Lok fittings are manufactured with a captive O-ring groove (CORG) design for prevention of O-ring fall-out prior to final assembly.

Seal-Lok fittings meet or exceed all requirements of SAE J1453 and are approved by DET Norske Veritas for use in hydraulic systems up to size 38mm O.D. (1 1/2") as shown on certificate P-9538.

Features, Advantages & Benefits
1. Manufacture: Seal-Lok fittings conform to SAE J1453. This specification not only controls dimensions and tolerances of Seal-Lok fittings, but includes minimum performance requirements. (All shaped fittings are machined from forgings for additional strength.)

2. Sealing Capability: An elastomeric O-ring forms the primary sealing element. The O-ring is contained within a precision machined groove on the fitting body. It is compressed into the groove by the flat face of the tube flange or braze sleeve, thus assuring leak free sealing.

3. Pressure Rating: Seal-Lok fittings are the highest working pressure industrial fitting on the market ranging from high vacuum to 9,000 psi depending on size.

4. Vibration and Fatigue: Seal-Lok fittings have been extensively used in applications that experience severe vibration and shock with no field problems. See Bulletin 4350-B8 for complete test results.

5. Visible Inspection:

Flanged: The surface of the flange should be reasonably smooth with no deep scratches, gouges or indentations. Minor surface imperfections outside of the seal area, approximately the middle of the flange face, are acceptable.

Brazed: Presence of braze alloy 360° around the back of the sleeve (tail) allows for a quick (non-destructive) check for proper braze joint attachment.

6. No Tube Entry: Tube does not enter into the body of the fitting allowing for zero clearance, drop-in installation of components. This makes repair and maintenance very easy.

7. Assembly: A variety of sleeve attachment methods are now available. These include torch brazing and induction brazing and flanging. Seal-Lok fittings can also be used as hose adapters.

8. Make-Up: From the finger tight position, one short pull on the wrench gives the assembly a quick high rise to required torque. Seal-Lok fittings have a solid "make-up feel" and excellent over-torque resistance.

9. Tube Wall: The brazing of the sleeve to the outside of the tube allows Seal-Lok fittings to be used on thin to heavy wall tubing. Seal-Lok fittings can also be used with the widest range of tubing grades.

10.Reusability/Remakeability: Seal-Lok fittings can be disassembled and reassembled many times. Simply replace the O-ring on the tube end and tighten to recommended torque.

11.Temperature Range: Seal-Lok fittings are suitable for sub-zero through elevated temperature applications. Service temperature is limited by the material of the chosen O-ring.

12.Materials: Seal-Lok can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials. The most popular materials currently used are steel and stainless steel. Upon request, the Tube Fittings Division can machine Seal-Lok fittings from other materials.

13.Envelope Size: Redesign of hydraulic systems are normally unnecessary because Seal-Lok fittings are similar in size to the most popular fitting of all, the Triple-Lok 37° flared fittings. The additional 1 1/2 threads on the port end fit all standard SAE ports. Seal-Lok fittings are excellent hose adapters.

14.Available Configurations: Seal-Lok fittings are available as a standard in over thirty different configurations . Some of these configurations are available in as many as twenty-seven different size combinations. Several of these fittings can actually reduce the total number of connections needed in a system. (Other configurations can be manufactured upon request.)

15. Available Sizes: Seal-Lok fittings are available as standard in sizes 1/4" (-4) through 2" (-32), the largest range of ORFS fittings in the industry. Only Seal-Lok offers size 2" (-32) in the industry.

16. Parflange Technology: Specifically designed to be used with Seal-Lok fittings, the Parflange machines utilize an orbital cold flow forming process to produce a smooth, rigidly sup-ported 90° sealing surface on the tube end. The Parflanged tube ends meet SAE J1453 for formed tube connections. This patented Parflange process eliminates the need for messy and time-consuming brazing.

17. Captive O-ring Groove: Seal-Lok fittings are manufactured with a captive O-ring groove (CORG) designed to prevent O-ring fall-out prior to final assembly. The CORG design conforms to SAE J1453.

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