Prestolok Fittings
bulletUnion 62PL
bulletBulkhead union 62PLBH
bulletFemale connector 66PL
bulletFemale bulkhead 66PLBH
bulletMale connector W68PL
bulletUnion tee 164PL
bulletUnion elbow 165PL
bulletMale elbow swivel 90░ W169PL
bulletPLE2BF4-K BSPP male elbow swivel
bulletMale elbow 90░ W169PLNS
bulletMale run tee swivel W171PL
bulletMale branch tee swivel W172PL
bulletUnionY male connector stainless steel componentry SS368PL
Parker Prestolok Metric Push-In Fittings
bulletFPB Male Connector NPT
bulletF23PB Male Connector BSPT
bulletF28PB Male Connector Metric Straight Thread
bulletF3PB Male Connector BSPT
bulletF4PB Male Connector BSPP
bulletF8PB Male Connector Metric Straight Thread
bulletG4PB Female Connector BSPP
bulletHPB Equal Union
bulletWBMPB Mixed Bulkhead Union
bulletWPB Bulkhead Union
bulletC3PB Compact Elbow BSPT
bulletC63LPB Adjustable Extended Male Elbow BSPT
bulletC6PB Adjustable Male Elbow NPT
bulletC63PB Adjustable Male Elbow BSPT
bulletC64PB Adjustable Male Elbow BSPP
bulletC68PB Adjustable Male Elbow Metric Straight Thread
bulletEPB 90░ Union Elbow
bulletWE6PB Adjustable Bulkhead Union Elbow
bulletJPB UnionTee
bulletR63PB Swivel Male RunTee BSPT
bulletR64PB Swivel Male Branch RunTee BSPP
bulletR68PB Adjustable Male RunTee Metric StraightThread
bulletS63PB Swivel Male BranchTee BSPT
bulletS64PB Swivel Male BranchTee BSPP
bulletS68PB Adjustable Male BranchTee Metric StraightThread
bulletCORPB Single Banjo Body Only
bulletCORPBD Double Banjo Body Only
bulletCOR8PB/COR4PB Single Banjo Assembled
bulletCOR8PBD/COR4PBD Double Banjo Assembled
bulletSC8U/SC4U Single Banjo Bolt With Seals BSPP
bulletSC8UD/SC4UD Stacking Banjo Bolt With Seals BSPP
bulletFNPB Plug
bulletTEPB Tube End Expander
bulletTRPB Tube End Reducer

Prestolok« Fittings

One piece brass fittings for use with polyethylene, nylon or soft metal tubing, and polyurethane tubing.

Working Pressure
Vacuum to 300 PSI (tubing and temperature dependent)
Temperature Range
0║ to +200║F

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